Anchored Tides (steered by Christopher Bourke) emerged from a decade of observation, professional experience and personal adventures through change & transformation. 


Through integrated knowledge as a movement instructor and work in the mental health field, we have identified an approach to healing that challenges traditional methods of support in the mental health space, based on one realization:


People seem to place a HIGH value on calm waters.

We strive hard to find zen, and when we don't or when we can't achieve that state, we are struck with a wave of feeling like

we're doing something "wrong."

Anchored Tides offers a unique and personalized approach to embodiment and coaching, empowering you to take ownership of the resources you innately possess within yourself, to manage your mental health and navigate challenges like grief, loss, unexpected life changes. We provide you with an innovative, guided approach to feeling safe in your body, ultimately enhancing the trust you have in your own self-care, wellbeing, and coping skills.

*The support / strategies offered are not psychotherapy and are not a replacement for mental health care from qualified professionals.  Support with referrals possible.



Tuesday 6:30AM
Wednesday 7:00 PM

Saturday 11:00 AM


 @ GoodBodyFeel

145 Main Street East

Hamilton, Ontario

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By Appointment.


An individualized movement practice with a mental health & wellness focus.


Ideal for folks living with chronic stress & tension.  Navigating major life changes.




private sessionS

private sessions


$85 per session

$225 for 3

$375 for 5

All prices subject to HST.


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Hamilton, Ontario