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Anchored Tides was born from a decade of observation, professional experience and personal adventures through change & transformation.  The culminating lession was also a realization:  people seem to place a HIGH value calm waters. 

We strive hard to find zen, and when we don't or when we can't, we are struck with a wave of feeling like we're doing something "wrong"

The wellness industry promises you ways to find endless equanimity - peaceful shores to watch the tide roll in.  Yet we all can related to the real struggle to find those quiet waters...and it leaves one to ponder: Do calm waters even exist?

Then there's the felt sense of being on the shore - seeing the life you want to live - and feeling the deep wisdom that in order to get there, you have to brave uncharted waters, muster your social courage and step out into the unknown to let the world see who you really are. But where do we draw that courage from?

Where do you find our mooring when we are in the open water?


Throw down the anchor.​

My name is Christopher Bourke.  I am a mental health professional and educator, as well as a certified yoga & movement teacher living in Hamilton, Ontario.   I lead group movement classes that support a growth in strength, mobility and body awareness.  I also offer individual one-on-one movement + coaching sessions designed to support people move with chronic stress, tension, and mental health concerns.


My mission for Anchored Tides is twofold:

to change the narrative in the wellness industry and help people navigate the stressors of their lives (their own personal stormy seas) with greater resilience.   This mission is driven by seeing firsthand the profound changes people can experience when they tune in and connect to their own personal strengths (what I call their anchors). 


My approach with people is guided by following values:

humans are innately robust & resilient (and it's validating to treat them as such); ​

something's working when there's chaos and choppy waters;

the real magic is in facing life's challenges head on by embracing uncertainty

embodied confidence and social courage feeds back into stronger communities

healing is possible

people are not wrong 

If you work with me, we will collaboratively design a program that will fit into your life.  We will not romanticize peaceful living.  Instead we will co-design a method that allows you to radically accept chaos, thrive under stress, swim with brave strides when the current is strong, go with the flow when it makes sense, and hone your courage when things are uncertain.  I will offer exercises, strategies and techniques that folks have found useful in tapping those resources; and you will try them out, experiment, give feedback and decide what works for you - not everything will. 

And in the end, you will give yourself the credit for the hard work.  Not me.  Because you were the brave person who left the shore.  Tuned in.  Inquired into yourself and found the answers with a little push. 

I cannot fix you.  There's nothing to fix.



June, 2014 - Tensegrity and Anatomy of Movement with Jesse Enright (8 hrs)

June 2014 - Building a Home Practice

with Leena Miller (2 hrs)

July 2014 - Shoulder Care

with Amanda Soikie (3 hrs)

April 2015 - Branch Out: Exploring Complex Poses with Jesse Enright (3 hrs)

April 2015 - Yoga for a Healthy Spine

with Jesse Enright (8 hrs)

January 2016 - Yoga Tune-Up Method

with Tara Kachroo (2 hours)

January 2016 - Tensegrity: Teacher Workshop

with Trudy Austin (4 hrs)

January 2017 - Tensegrity Teacher Training

with Trudy Austin (hrs)

March 2018 - Mindful Strength Workshop with Kathryn Bruni Young (hrs)

April 2018 -  Therapeutic Yoga Intensive with

Susi Hately (hrs)

August 2018 - Mindful Strength Teacher Intensive with Kathryn Bruni Young (hrs)

March 2019 - Breath and Bliss Immersion with

Jill Miller (hrs)

Mental Health Professional Experience

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